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Green Standard Certification Program
ECF Certification
Elemental Chlorine Free Certification

Lead Free Certification   
Lead Free Certification Scheme

Green Living Certification
GSCP recognizes Green Living Ideas

Green Standard Certification Program (GSCP) is an initiative of United Academy of Business (UAB) UK and recognizes green efforts of society at large. Green Standard specifies requirements for organizations to develop and implement 'Green Approach' for business sustainability that enables safe, healthy and green environment to the delivery of Green Products and Services.

Requirements of Green Standard are assessed following International Standards to account, monitor and report Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including GHG assertions as levels of Green Standard. CSR initiatives of Green Standard Certified organizations are thus registered in GSCP register of CSR reporting as their disclosed and verified CSR performance for a sustainable business.

GSCP initiatives include Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) Certification to deliver toxic substance free product. Industries can also be certified for producing Lead Free product and Asbestos Free products complying to requirements of Lead Free Certification Scheme.

Green Living Scheme encourages use of efficient & renewable energy, minimal waste generation and eco friendly in Buildings and Construction. Read more>>

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United Academy of Businesses, UK
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